Harmony In Purpose;

As Nature Intended

Hemp-Derived Cannabinoid Research

Doctor Owned Since 2014

5 years in the making

We are the creators of the Noah strain, developed with the intention of cultivating a portfolio of unique micro-cannabinoids and terpenes

Who is Apothio?

Apothio is a team of world class doctors, researchers, chemists, engineers, and agronomists on a mission to pioneer “Food as Medicine”.

We have proudly and naturally developed our own Hemp genetics in the Mojave Desert of California.

Acres Planted
Average Plant Size (ft)
Million Grams of CBD
Years in the making

What We Do

Apothio is dedicated to pioneering technology that redefines standards for safety and toxicology, objectively demonstrating the efficacy of our hemp-derived cannabinoid formulations, and collaborating with patients across the country to develop the most unique and customized plant based formulations on the market.

Unique Hemp Genetics

Apothio is a research pioneer in the natural development of Hemp genetics with unique cannabinoid and terpene profiles designed for superior outcomes.

Proprietary Extraction

Apothio is developing cutting edge technology that replaces toxic and volatile solvents from the extraction process, and replaces it with water.

Data-Driven Formulations

Apothio utilizes proprietary whole plant extraction technology that uses water as the solvent, which produces a safe and compliant water soluble extract.

Research Institute

Apothio is partnered with institutions of higher education to conduct workforce development, educational programs, and research outcomes with our patients.

Our Methodology

As Nature Intended

"We followed the instruction of mother nature in the unforgiving Mojave Desert, and were generously rewarded. We have developed an incredibly diverse genetic library, and a whole-plant formulation that has yielded very impressive outcomes. We’ve helped a lot of people. Our stroke of luck will fuel a paradigm shift in food as medicine."

Dr. Trent Jones, Apothio CEO


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